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Interactive Webinar

8 November 2021, 11.30am-1pm OR 1.30–3pm

Truth, propaganda or aspiration? Frontier narratives in Copland and Graham’s Appalachian Spring

Join Nicholas Bochner and special guest Jessica Wilkinson from RMIT’s School of Media and Communication. Their lively discussion of Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring, the Martha Graham ballet for which it was composed, and the variety of historical, literary and musical sources that inspired them, will provide students with ideas and techniques to develop their own unique compositions via text and/or musical score.

Students will:

  • Explore how Copland and Graham configure place and time through their respective contributions in Appalachian Spring
  • Discuss and interrogate the relationship between art (music, dance, literature) and the development of a national mythology
  • Examine the compositional techniques Copland employs to create his iconic “American sound”
  • Learn how to draw from existing literary and musical texts to inspire new creative works.

Along with the live discussion, students will have access to a downloadable resource that will guide them to independently produce a creative outcome.

Suitable for: High-ability Music, Dance, English and History secondary students from Government schools.

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